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How to register ...

At Kinder Hill Preschool we don't believe in "sight unseen" online registration. Your child is precious and you want to make sure our program is a good fit. That you and your child will be comfortable.

Therefore we recommend you book a tour and come for a little visit first, or have a brief phone call with our director to have all your questions answered before registration.

  1. Contact the preschool by phone or email to receive your application forms though email. Fill out forms and return by email.

  2. The deposit to hold your child's spot is September's fee upfront. Then you will not have a payment come September because the deposit has paid it. This must accompany your application.

  3. Monthly tuition can be paid by post-dated cheque made out to the director (Kourtney Disney-King) and dated for the first of each month October - June.